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     My name is Paula Kubiak and I am the owner of Sun Ridge Creations which was formally You Design I Create. It all started out as a hobby making homemade gifts for family in 2013. I started making coasters and wall hangings using ceramic tiles, photo paper, and Mod Podge. Everyone loved the personalized gifts and encouraged me to start a small online website business. I called it You Design I Create. It was for customers to send me designs and I would create the product for them. So here I am today 6 years later and my business has really changed significantly. After realizing that I could do more than just using Mod Podge with some help and encouragement from my husband I fell upon sublimation a couple years later.

     Why the name change? I found out after 5 years that customers wanted me to design items for them. So You Design I Create wasn’t really working the way I wanted it to. I also realized that I loved creating different unique items and gifts that you can’t find anywhere else using this process. I didn’t want to just stick with photos and personalization. I wanted to go beyond personalizing items with photos and using my creativity. 

      So in 2019 I change my name and website to Sun Ridge Creations. www.sunridgecreations.com

     What is sublimation you ask? Hmm, well in easy terms, I take digital designs and photos and incorporate them into and onto, yes into and onto hardboard tiles, ceramic tiles, sandstone coasters, key chains, glass cutting boards and more. This special process involves a special printer and a heat press. Through this process the design becomes a part of the substrate which is also the item. While being a creative person, I am not an artist per say, but I love thinking outside of the box. So I now use those certain items (substrates) and incorporate those into barn wood and wood frames. A lot of my creations are one-of-a kind unique items.

     Since starting this business I have always wanted to be involved in craft shows. I currently do 2-3 crafts shows in the Erie, PA area. It is fun and a lot of work goes into preparing and working a craft show. I also donate some of my creations for fundraisers.  I will say though word of mouth is a great asset when having a business. While doing these craft shows I was also invited to consign with 2 area retail stores which showcases area crafters. 

     So take a look around my website and as always, Have a Good Day!

Paula Kubiak-Owner


Sun Ridge Creations

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